I hang in the air,
By the tiniest of threads,
Not a soul to hear
My call of distress.

What do you do when
Like a twig it snaps?
What do you do then,
As you collapse?

On an empty Life
I build my Hope,
Strong enough to survive,
And keep me afloat.

What do you do when
It gets swept away,
By a breath of the wind,
As you watch in dismay?

In my heart dwells
A burning dream..
My passion swells,
Full to the brim.

When Nightmare greets you
Each time you open your eyes,
What do you do,
When your dream dies?

Life in the fast lane,
The Slow gets left behind.
Every move is a plan,
Every footstep of mine.

So what do you do
When your life backfires,
When the universe deserts you,
When your feet tires?

When you find yourself astray
In a sea of terror,
Slowly drifting away
Into the realm of Nowhere,

When a broken mirror
Reflects your soul,
When the pieces won’t fit together,
Who do you call?


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