You stare at my legs,
As I walk past,
Peek at my cleavage,
No less at my ass!

I shudder in disgust,
Anger on the rise,
To see the lust
Dripping from your eyes!

Judged by the size of my shirt-
The tighter, the cheaper!
And the length of my skirt-
The shorter, the sluttier!

So you try to touch
And grope my skin,
On the moving bus,
In the crowd and din.

Scan me head to toe,
As I stand alone.
Have I anything left to show?
For I feel naked to the bone.

I quicken my pace,
Afraid of your attention.
The grin on your face,
Betrays your intention.

You who expect your son
To not be perverse,
Show no hesitation
To gloat over our skirts.

You who teach your daughter
To be careful of snares,
Does not for a moment falter
In ensnaring your female peers.

There’s no place safe
Where we can walk free,
Home or workplace,
You do not let us be.

Ask us what Fear’s like.
And we will tell in unison…
Fear is being terrified
Of half the human population.


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