Somewhere in the borders of a country,
A patch of land marked by blurred lines,
A soldier sleeps…
His gaze upon the stars,
His heart back home.
There is beauty in his wistful brows.
Somewhere in a forgotten village,
At the quiet break of dawn,
An old woman sings…
Of a sad sad tale,
Rending the air with her woe.
There is beauty in her dying song.
Somewhere in a Home
Hugging a one-eyed teddy,
A little girl stands by the gate,
In hopeful wait of the phantoms
Who gave her life.
There is beauty in her loneliness.
Somewhere in the throbbing streets,
In a corner of the footpath,
A beggar lies…
With gritted teeth and a dusty bowl.
There is beauty in his hollow eyes.
Somewhere in a bar,
In the dimness of the light,
A mysterious man sits…
Downing a bottle of courage,
With the rat-race on his shoulders
And a thousand fears to hide.
There is beauty in his sweat.
Somewhere in the land of lovers,
By the window of a tower,
A maiden mourns…
For her youth long lost,
In her wait for Fairytale.
There is beauty in her anguish.
Somewhere in a barren bed,
This cold winter night,
A woman weeps…
For the wife she is,
And the mother she can never be.
There is beauty in her prayers.
Somewhere in an old rooftop
Amidst all the people in despair,
I lie awake…
Overwhelmed by dark joy,
And my heart filled with words.
There is beauty in pain,
Indeed there is,
For poets and lovers
And hearts that wander.


5 thoughts on “There is beauty in Pain.

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