It’s just one of the days… the cold rainy days,
When coffee is sweetest,
And home is paradise.
Sitting by the window, watching the raindrops race down the pane,
All is well!

I hear music in the air, a soft splashing hum.
To the rhythm of this melody, the birds sing along
While side to side the trees sway, boasting of its green lushness.
Too beautiful for words, in silence I watch.

Down the road, a young lad joins the choir…
In tattered clothes and a smile worth more than Mona Lisa’s,
Whistling away like he owns the world,
Like his bag of waste was of gold.

This is bliss… this cold breeze,
How it strokes my face and plays with my hair,
Breathing little dewy diamonds onto my skin.
Its icy touch seeps into my soul, filling it whole with joy and warmth.

I shiver in delight, my heart flutters!
I’m in love, this very moment.
I’m in love, with this moment.
Like in a trance, I’m free of cares.
At this moment, all is well.


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