How often we hear
“I love you”,
Chanted like a slogan.
So monotonous, so ordinary.
Eagerly cried out under sinful sheets,
Screamed aloud in a passionate moment.
Countlessly whispered on the phone,
Not a moment’s hesitation to spare.
A thoughtless blurt,
A shallow reply.
While we all take two steps back
And hold our tongue,
With a heartful of doubt
Mingled with fear,
Thinking a thousand times over
Before we dare say
“I trust you”.

So Romeo, don’t you try.
I am no Juliet in love.
You need not court me
With the words of the dead.
You need not serenade me
Under my moonlit balcony,
Nor write to me
A beautiful sonnet.
Like seeds on a rock,
It shall all fall on me.
Like paper on fire,
To ashes it shall burn.
For love in itself is never enough.
This heart of mine is afraid,
But wise nevertheless.
And if ever a day comes
When I say my vows,
It would be in good faith
And all honesty,
Not to a man I love,
But the man I trust
With all of me.


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