I feel it all,
A little too deep;
The pounding of my heart
For something it wants.
The absence of a being-
Faceless, nameless.
The curse of Solitude
Running in my veins.
And God! The emptiness
Tearing at my soul.

I feel it all.
A most peculiar sadness.
Like the ache in my bosom
As I behold the breaking dawn,
Or the knot in my stomach
When the setting sun
Paints the sky crimson,
And the onslaught of emotions
When the moon shies away
Behind the old olive tree.

I feel it all,
As alive as live wire.
And I do not know whence
This deep sadness comes.
It could be from the chasm in my heart,
Left by all that I have loved and lost.
Or from beneath the graveyard
Where my darkest secrets lie buried.
Or it could be my inherent loneliness,
Or the sorrows of a previous life.

I feel it all.
And it terrifies me,
The way my heart quietly endures,
The way my eyes have held in all tears.
And it terrifies me,
Should anyone look at me too long.
Because then I know I’d fall apart,
And end up crying a river,
With all the feelings locked away for years
Finally coming undone.


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