Waiting for sunrise on the rooftop,
Catching the sunset in my hair.
Walking barefoot on morning dewdrops,
Riding a bike in the cold evening air.

Sitting atop a hill watching the city lights,
Collecting pretty fireflies in a jar.
Going on long drives through the countryside,
Spending the night in the back of a car.

Sleeping in the open air under the stars,
Solo dancing in the dim moonlight.
With a bottle of wine and a tipsy heart
And a poem to write, in the dead of night.

Embarking on road trips and scaling heights,
Camping by the side of a shimmering river.
Stopping at random places to admire the sights,
Playing mellow songs on my old guitar.

Backpacking in the woods, in the vast wilderness.
Diving headlong into the deep ocean.
Chasing polar lights and bio bays,
Dreaming away in a field of dandelions.

Building a home in a steep mountain,
Overlooking a lake and a valley of pine trees..
A quiet little cottage to grow old in,
And breathe my last in absolute peace.


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