We live in a beauty obsessed culture,
Where anorexia is a trend and dark skin is a horror.
The media feeds us their ideals of beauty,
Pointing out “flaws” in our bodies,
Compelling us to conceal them and lose ourselves in the process.
Who are they to tell us what beauty is?

Now if you’re out there in front of the mirror,
Sucking in your stomach till your face turns red,
Trying every diet plan you see on the internet,
Or every home made face pack for fairer skin,
You need to understand this, woman.

Beauty… is not measured on the weight scale.
It is not measured by your waistline,
Or by the layers of makeup on your face.
It is not defined by the colour of your skin,
Or the size of your collarbones,
Or the width of your thigh gaps. Please!!!
Let yourself be for once.

Those are the standards set by a sick society,
That has been for ages brainwashing us
That beauty is associated with the colour ‘white’.
A society that makes you feel beautiful only on an empty stomach,
And confident only when your face is concealed or morphed beyond recognition.
Stop this self loathing. Stop the calorie counting.
Stop being concerned about what others might call you.

Be bold, be sassy, be you.
If they say you’re too brown or too yellow,
What you need is not lemon juice and honey face packs, but a cup of zero fucks.
If they say you need slimmer hips and larger breasts,
Remember you’re a woman, not a plastic doll.
And if your man thinks you’re too curvy, too “plump”,
What you need is not salad diet but a man with bigger hands to hold you.
YOU.. are not the problem, woman.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder like they say.
You need no beholder to be considered beautiful!
Because beauty is you as you are.
The way you talk, the way you walk.
The way you love, the way you laugh.
The way you let your hair loose at the end of the day,
Wiping your insecurities off your face.
The way you glide around in your underwear,
Unconcerned about your body when no one’s looking.
Without even trying, you’re simply beautiful.

Because beauty is being true to yourself,
Being comfortable in your own skin,
In love with your own body, big or thin.
A woman who knows she is smart and important,
A woman who requires no validation from anyone,
A woman with confident strides and her head held up high,
A woman proudly being herself, with no excuses and no apologies
That, my dear, is Beauty.


5 thoughts on “Beauty.

  1. That is so true. It’s frustrating to see and meet people all over the world who don’t love themselves. But it’s also truly is a struggle, I know that from personal experience, to really really love yourself.

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