Something about the night
Draws my soul out,
From the confines of a tedious life
Into an endless world of freedom.

My senses come alive
When the skyline melts into the jet black night,
Transforming the earth and the sky
Into one vast ocean of stars.

Magic begins here.
Life’s troubles slip away
Like shadows in the night,
And steel barriers fall like sand.

And chains turn into wings,
Secrets into songs,
And I am set free
To fly with the wind like dandelion seeds.

You’ll see me waltzing with the polar lights,
Floating in neon blue seashores
And wandering through constellations,
Drenched in nebula dust.

The night is thus my portal
Into the open celestial space
And to the depths of the earth,
Where I find handprints of the Creator.

I revel in the darkness;
Here I feel truly alive and fearless,
And my eyes see clearer,
As every cloud of uncertainty evaporates.

I feel invincible then
When my mind is unleashed,
To explore till it spirals to insanity.
Oh, the beauty of insanity!

In insanity I find freedom.
I find peace in its chaos,
That ebbs away at the break of day
As I quietly slip back to lifeless order.


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