So it came to be;

Two parallel worlds collided,

A tragic serendipity

That shook open the skies.

Forging Abaddon in paradise’s guise

Fate had played a vicious spoof,

Bringing together Fire and Ice

Into a love that was doomed.

He belonged in the arms of fury,

And she in the heart of darkness.

He was made of roaring melody

And she, she lived on quiet words.

They drank each other like the cure,

While their throats burned.

Swimming in poisoned waters,

On its toxins they choked.

He was the flame that fed her demons.

She was the frost that hardened his soul.

Yet she’d rather melt in his arms

And he’d rather be smothered by her touch,

Than let go of this lethal love

That was making them feel most alive.

For he was, after all, her most beautiful poem

And she, his saddest song.

‘Twas a love that was never meant to be,

But ’twas love in all fierceness and ire.

Oh how tragic is serendipity,

When two parallel worlds collide!


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