Bio: Just another girl with a story to tell.

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  1. Hey Michelle, i didn’t know how else I would get in touch with you so I thought I’d try here. I actually planned on getting in touch with you through email but I was too inactive on FB and you had already deactivated so missed out on that. Nevertheless, I love your poetries. Remember we all have an artist, lyricist or story that we can connect so well with and just keep on reading all off it even though it has a different meaning to the composer. Sometimes it touches you so deep that the only thing you ever do during the day is keep thinking about your favourite lines and try to connect them to find a meaningful existence. Thank you for all that. And lastly Michelle, please never stop what you are doing. Not every writter has that skill and level of interpretation to connect to the audience. You are a very special artist. ~~~~~Kaizoku.oni27@gmail.com
    Well I am a man of faith haha Do leave me a message 👆
    A friend

    • Yeah.. I deactivated my facebook account. Will get back to it soon. 
      Anyway, thank you so much. This means a lot to me. It’s just wonderful to know that my writings ever made someone feel that way! Thank you for reading them, and for writing to me.
      My best wishes to you too.

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